Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Hit Wonder: Brady Clark

Brady Clark was a proverbial late bloomer who got a ton of ABs for the Brewers in the mid 2000s and managed to compile some solid counting stats: 94 runs, 183 hits plus a strong 0.306 BA. Bold numbers for a fella who was a midling talent in the Reed Johnson mold prior. He managed to parlay his 2005 success in a decent pay day before fading into obscurity in several cities by the end of the decade: Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, not to mention a busload of minor league stops.

They might be counting stats largely but 0.306 over 600+ plate appearances is pretty stellar, so it's a shame Clark never did much else considering his climaxed at 32. Too bad.

Fun fact: Jason Bay and Brady Clark had identical hit totals and batting averages for the season. Bay also hit 32 home runs and drove in 101 that season, with a 0.402 OBP and 0.559 SLG. It warrants mentioning: Clark did not.

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