Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is Moseby Fears Satan?

Moseby Fears Satan (MFS)
... is a website that celebrates the men, women and children of Major League Baseball (MLB) from October 1977 to the present day.

Contributions to the website fall into one of these categories

Anti Hall of Fame (HOF) - Every year, the MLB Hall of Fame ballot features a range of players who appear for just a single vote and do not receive the necessary 5% support to return to the ballot the following year. The Anti HOF profiles the finest of these second class citizens.

Award Season - MFS hands out the hardware. Periodically.

Book Report - Posting about various baseball topics. Some long. Some not so much. 'Nuff said. Yo.

Either/Or - MLB names that find themselves in other walks of life. Let's compare famous faces. In memory of Elliott Smith.

Off the Radar - MFS tracks down former MLB players and reveals their current whereabouts.

One Hit Wonders - A series of MLB player profiles, focusing on the ultimate in career years and the descents that followed. Think Rick Wilkins for the 1993 Cubs.

Stadium Warz - Action packed videos of MLB fans at war with one another. For the most part, inside MLB stadiums, outside MLB stadiums or at local dining establishments close to MLB stadiums.

Trade Gauge - Analyzing the trades that were, the fallout short term and long term, and which teams won out.

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