Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stadium Warz: Version 3.0

Philadelphia: Parking lot brawl during the 2009 World Series. Although I give credit to the fine teamwork and skull action from the two scholarly types down front, everybody else in this clip looks like a complete moron. You're fighting in front of a 14 ton bus. Dangerous on so many levels.

Los Angeles: Unremarkable footage of a dust-up at Dodger Stadium. Notable only when the shirtless chap gives the "He's 'loco'" signal to his supporters.

Toronto: I don't know what's more fantastic about this clip--the gutwrech suplex at 0:16 (and the collective, "Oh.... OH!!!" that ensues) or the fact there is actually a crowd in the 500 level at the Rogers Centre.

Los Angeles: Whatever. Y'know, official jerseys look kinda foolish on adults in general but especially when there is no number on the back. I dunno--it just seems low class or something.

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