Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anti HOF: Bill Buckner

2.1% of the 1996 MLB Hall of Fame vote

It's criminal that Bill Buckner has been immortalized for a certain unfortunate incident in the 1986 World Series (eff you, Mookie) rather than eulogized for what he truly was: a durable, reliable hitter who played for over two decades and piled up some pretty stellar career totals.

2715 hits, 1208 RBI, 174 home runs, appearances on five MVP ballots and in two World Series, seven seasons in which he hit over 0.300 and a career average of 0.289. He was essentially Wade Boggs lite, except for the fact that:
- He played across the diamond
- He didn't eat chicken before every game
- He (assumedly) didn't "diddle" mortgage brokers
- He never hung around with Mr. Perfect
- He slugged with a bit more authority than "The Chicken Man" ever did (save 1987)

Buckner's challenge was that for most of his career, he was just a notch or two below the elite at his position and was overshadowed by players with a similar jib but just a wee bit more in the oomph and sex appeal departments: Steve Garvey, Keith Hernandez and Don Mattingly come to mind.

Luckily, the Anti HOF always has a place for sullen, steady performers like BB and we welcome him with a well-placed roller between the legs. Like ol' times.

Top comperable of the modern era: Al Oliver

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