Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Report: The First Annual MFS Awards of Indifference

In Major League Baseball, as in all sports, there will always be a time and place for players that are just... OK. Good but not great. Serviceable. Role players. A nice person. Whatever backhanded adjective you use, these types of single season performances ain’t going anywhere so best to embrace them than ward them off with a bayonet. Incidentally, it’s amazing that bayonets were actual a tool of war at one point. I’m not sure who thought it’d be a good way to kill the enemy, by effectively jabbing them to death.

Anyway, MFS will be presenting the 2010 MLB Awards of Indifference in the coming weeks, naming the top players, pitchers and rookies for the 2010 regular season. Two caveats: hitters must end the season with less than 0.250 batting average and pitchers, with ERAs over 4.00.

Here is the further breakdown...
• The Dave Kingman Collectible Stein – Awarded to the top single season sub-0.250 hitters in the AL and NL (Kingman finished his career with a 0.236 average)
• The Rick Sutcliffe Branded Confectionary Dish- Awarded to the top single season 4.00 ERA+ pitchers in the AL and NL (Sutcliffe finished his career with a 4.08 ERA)
• The Walt Weiss Plush Wall Hanging – Awarded to the top rookies in the AL and NL, boasting either a sub-0.250 average for hitters or 4.00 ERA+ for pitchers (Weiss was simply one of the more pedestrian Rookies of the Year in recent memory)


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